Creating innovations that push digitalization to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Globally the push for digitization in all sectors has become quite common especially with the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). More recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic has been a driver for social distancing and remote working. The same sentiments of remote working can be extended to remote learning.

Services | What we do.

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Digital Services

Tailor made digital services designed to meet your company requirements. We design and develop Learning Management Systems (LMS), Web Designs, Content management systems and more

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Hosting Solutions

We offer stable and secure infrastructure, for effective communication, collaboration and data transaction. The aim is to improve your company's productivity and innovation.

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Support Services

Critical system updates are carried out for free on all hosted E-LMS. Plug-in development and onsite support also offered at calculated rates.

COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to migrate their daily tasks into an online space. A space that some companies are not fond of, but at Ubuntu e-Solutions we'll take those frastrations and turn them into productivity.